Wednesday, 29 December 2010

gingerjohn's 2010

it's been a fun year, loads of traveling and playing away. big news, little news and bad news filling the DP blog, but always remaining possi and looking forward...

heres my top 10's and my best of bits, i hope you enjoy/agree

top 10 singles (in no order)

tanlines - real life
totally enormous extinct dinosaur - garden
fools gold - surprise hotel
funeral party - just because
caribou - odessa
soft pack - answer to yourself
future islands - tin man
young rival - the ocean
spectrals - peppermint
groove armada - history

top 10 albums (in no order)

archie bronson outfit - coconut
les savy fav - root for ruin
secret cities - pink graffiti
caribou - swim
the soft pack - s/t
blonde redhead - penny sparkle
young rival - s/t
twin shadow - forget
future islands - in the evening air
owen pallett - heartland


hanging out with chesney hawkes
new york
san diego / going to the casbah
starting at the old blue, along side FREE TING
putting on Teenagerintokyo
dark party tv
DJ a button down disco at the Garage
putting on Afrikan Boy
Caribou at The Freebutt
joanna newsom
80s night
digger day
"The Snake"
DJing Bungalow 8
ice, sea, dead people album release and instore
hanging with young rival
"icing" with future islands
boxing day

fun times

couldn't do it with out you all, thanks


BoaBoa's 2010...

I really like reading end of year lists. I like the different ways in which they are compiled, and the varied things people include in them. I've personally had a fantastic year this year, and hope everyone else has too!

I'm going to strucure my list a bit differently this year, and group my favourite tunes into my favourite memories of the year. There are a few stragglers, but when I think about alot of my favourite tracks they instantly take me back to that particular place.


Kink - Bitter Sweet (Liebe Detail)
Fritz Kalkbrenner - Last Call (Suol)
Rampa - Falk (Keinemusik)
Lady Chann - Sticky Situation/ Eye Too Fast (Girls Music)
Shaun Reeves, Guti - Saudade (Wolf + Lamb)
Round Table Knights, Bauchamp - Calypso/ Zombie Disco Squad Versus Miman Remix (Made To Play)

I really enjoyed playing FREE TING. It was a real chance to play some of the more deep tracks that I was really starting to get into, in particular Fritz Kalkbrenner "Last Call". It was great playing more housey tracks early on, to warm up for DJs like Matt Fear and acts like Lady Chann who were on a totally different vibe to me, but it all seemed to blend together perfectly.


The Martin Brothers - Duckface (dirtybird)
Ardalan, Justin Martin - Mr. Spock (dirtybird)
Lucky Charmes - Rastafari (Selekted Music)
The 2 Bears - Be Strong (Southern Fried Records)
Mr. Ho - Bumps (Klasse Recordings)

My second home, POW! is always a good time, and the parties this year have been no exception. The stand out track from this list for me is Lucky Charmes "Rastafari". It is a total peaktime monster with a dutch vibe going on which doesn't really rely on squeaky nonsense. It's quite percussive and jackin', and different to most of the stuff I've been playing this year.


Nico - Dying Of Fever (Souvenir Plus)
Fazhands - Neptune (Metamimetic)

The Metamimetic party at East Village with Electric Rescue and Deep House queen Maya Jane Coles was easily my favourite gig of the year. Me and good friend Fazhands going back to back and warming up for two of the most respected producers of 2010 was an honour and a pleasure. I can remember dropping Nico "Dying Of Fever" and the place just stepping up a notch. It was a realy warming feeling that will stay with me for some time.

Best Of The Rest

Jesse Rose - You Know It (Made To Play)
Soul Clap - Extravaganza (Wolf + Lamb)
Ramadanman, Midland - Your Words Matter (Aus Music)
Homework - I got one (you're it) / Mercury Remix (Exploited)
Maya Jane Coles - What They Say (Real Tone Records)

Favourite things

Local Natives in Hoxton Square
Aloe Blacc
Jesse Rose at Counter Culture
Soul Clap
Plastikman at Bestival
Surfer Blood
The Agitator
Camden Town
Tiger & Woods
The Black Heart
Hampstead Heath in the summer
The Regency Cafe
Funeral Party at The Old Blue Last
Listening to music that reminds me of being young
November Coming Fire playing "Transgression" at The Underworld
The Metamimetic party at The Old Blue Last
Hearing Erol Alkan drop "Calypso" at Digital
All the other good things I forgot

I hope your year was as good as mine!

BoaBoa x

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I'm in the Traktor camp

this is nuts! i'm in the Traktor camp

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Songs of the Night

you might wanna skip like a minute in or so

and then finishing on

Friday, 17 December 2010

Lykke Li

always been a fan musically, was disappointed live, but fuck it, this is great

Lykke Li - Get Some by Hypetrak

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ellie Goulding - Your Song (Smith Remix)

Having a Ellie Goulding Remix on the internt seems to be essential right now. So here is my version of 'Your Song'

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Great albums from this year. In no particular order.

Acmatic with 'Sundial'

"This is our first LP Album, we’ve posted it for your listening pleasure, enjoy."

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Friday, 10 December 2010

Bill Ryder-Jones

Last night i was lucky enough to watch the first every showing of a new short called "It's Natural to be Afraid". it was soundtracked by the former coral axeman Bill Ryder - Jones, the soundtrack and the film are both amazing! this is another piece by Bill, not what you'd expect, truly beautiful awe-inspiring music, just amazing!

he's releasing a full length via Domino Records next year

Moel Famau

Bill Ryder-Jones | Myspace Music Videos

some more bits

A Leave Taking by Bill Ryder-Jones

The Lemon Trees by Bill Ryder-Jones

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Vive La France! 2011

so we've been asked to play on Vive La France! Festival in Brighton, due to our support of French artist in the UK! SO PUMPED!

click this link for tickets, only £5

we'll be playing between these great bands!

Anoraak (who we've featured already)


Kid Bombardos

KID BOMBARDOS - I round the bend (official)
Uploaded by SoberAndGentle. - Explore more music videos.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Masters At Work

Classic acapella used on this absolute monster from Re.You and Rampa, released by the fantastic Keinemusik. Some of the most original and exciting artwork too. Very clean stuff.

BoaBoa x

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

Little Comets

nice little party pop offering from the Little Comets, love this ditty of a tune

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Peo De Pitte

Peo De Pitte is making a name for himself, with his reworking of classics, such as this Congorock track Babylon


Friday, 3 December 2010

Poni Hoax

so great to revisit the classic electro "Images of Sigrid" by french outfit Poni Hoax, on the eve of the release of a special edition with great remixes from the likes of Joakim, Alter Ego and other mixes... was just a nice reminder

Poni Hoax - Antibodies - music video directed by Danakil from Danakil on Vimeo.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


I.R.O.K are like the bastard child from the bastard band Dead Kids, all i know is this video makes me feel sick...
i like it

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tanlines "Volume On"

massive Tanlines fan ever since hearing "Real Life" just like EVERYONE else! then finding out they were releasing a comp of things they've done that hasn't been easy to get hold of over here, AND with new material on i was incredibly excited! and it doesn't disappoint! it's just an electronic master piece, its not really an album as such, but it will be in my top 10 albums of the year for sure!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Apache Beat

always followed Apache Beat, think they've got alot of potential, just noticed they're playing the windmill in Brixton on 8th December, but i can't go... and can't find any other dates, gutted!

maybe next time

Friday, 26 November 2010

French Horn Rebellion This Moment

our fave's French Horn Rebellion have just released This Moment, the video has been about for a while but its still amazing, and the song just blows my mind

The Soft Moon

The Soft Moon are for people that having been missing great dark melodic goff music in their life. the album is flawless

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Don't really know anything about this guy, all i know is that i'm really into this single, and he's from france, enjoy

Hate This Love That by F♥♥KIN TELMINI

and this his is most recent effort, nice strings

Juliette & Eccles by F♥♥KIN TELMINI

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Young Rival The Ocean

as you know we're big fan's of Young Rival and on the eve of the release of the new Single "The Ocean" (video) we've got hold of the the Junior Boys Remix HERE

catch YR supporting fellow party boys Born Ruffians, with their London show TONIGHT (24th November) at the Scala


A Place To Bury Strangers I Live My Life to Stand in the Shadow of Your Heart

I Live My Life to Stand in the Shadow of your Heart is the new single/ep from A Place To Bury Strangers. i always forget how amazing this band actually are, i'm such an idiot! noisy skuzzy over distorted everything, but with that flow and all the hooks, its crazy good

Monday, 22 November 2010

beat beat beat

just randomly staggered aross this nice indie pop band from Germany, Beat Beat Beat they're pretty decent, and this is their new single "We Are Waves"

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Labo Photo Ping Pong

i haven't a clue what's going on in this song, but its fucking great, big fan of Labo Photo Ping Pong, also check out "Coma à Trafalgar"

Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Jameses

found The Jameses off the back of the new single "Caribou" which is amazing! but i can't find it anywhere online, and i don't wanna be "that blog" that puts up the MP3 without any permission or anything, so just get it off itunes/play/emusic but here's "The Haunted Rider" for you to enjoy

Friday, 19 November 2010

The King Khan and BBQ show

Invisible Girl - The King Khan and BBQ show from David Leclerc on Vimeo.

King Khan was put on my lap a few years ago, this guy is special, this video is great

Thursday, 18 November 2010


i'm in LOVE!
what else can i say


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Our Boy AB

we posted this up ages ago, when it'd just been finished, now its got a video, so we're posting it up again! it's always great to see artists we've worked with doing great! big things are coming to Afrikan Boy, you can just feel it

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lover's Carvings

Cue iPad advert.

I've been into this since hearing the Catz n Dogz version at the beginning of the year on Round Table Knights' Spring Mix. It's now on the latest Apple advert, which in turn has made me start listening to it again. Winter chills.

BoaBoa x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Strange Talk

Strange Talk - Climbing Walls from Strange Talk on Vimeo.

Climbing Walls by Strange Talk which features on the new Kitsuné Comp, check it out, pretty rad track real bass electro disco pop driven, great sound

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wretch 32

his name is pretty naff, but this track is pretty awesome, great use of sample too

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


only just started listening to ANORAAK, but this is defo one of their stand out tracks, enjoy

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Agitator

The Agitator - GIve Me All That You Got
Uploaded by UnderdogsTV. - News videos from around the world.

I've been a fan for a while. Check out his dates on the myspace.


BoaBoa x

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Adam Kesher

Adam Kesher - Gravy train from Disque Primeur on Vimeo.

heard this this morning, great way to wake up! Adam Kesher are my new love! the new single "Gravy Train" is amazing! has that dance disco edge, just where i wanna be, just a straight up fun party tune

Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Shoes

Just heard the new single from French electro duo The Shoes ft Esser, its great, and this little live video is awesome! big fan of all the drummers in it too

Friday, 5 November 2010



This a pretty decent track from one of our faves BASHY, on top of a NAPT tune, great use of sample too

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I found out about Mac Miller yesterday. Since than i have not found one of his track i don't like. He is just a great rapper.



"CORPORATE OCCULT" Huoratron Music Video from Cédric BLAISBOIS on Vimeo.

whilst you're waiting for French house to come back, i'm just gonna pop to Finland... Huoratron fucking rules!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Three Mile Pilot - What's In The Air from Sean Gillane on Vimeo.

TMP are back! after 13 years away! i'm actually speechless, and incredibly happy. being a massive fan of the SD sound, this is truly great news! the video above is for the new single

Blondes - Hater

Blondes - Hater (Excerpt of Recording at Atlantic Studios) from Georgia on Vimeo.

Brooklyn via Berlin back to Brooklyn based 2some, Blondes bring together everything thats great at the moment within all electronic genres. one of the great things about this band are their live show, having played in other styles of bands before, the live show was something they didnt wanna stop doing. check out the video above, of the the new single "Hater" out later this year, big fan!

Monday, 1 November 2010


Sooooo as you all know, we are homeless in our home town of Luton, this broke our hearts! we searched and viewed EVERY space in and around town to see what we think would be the best suited venue for what we do. and the one that stood out the strongest, was EVNY. The side room, and your thursday night filth hang out of Liquid...

we LOVE the space, and i personally have always done! i used to hate going out on a thursday night and having to go into the main room, its too big, and too white. ENVY is dark, low ceiling, big enough and above all CHEAP AS CHIPS FOR DRINKS! we've been able to secure their student night prices, so shots from £1, double vodka n red bull £1.50, with some beers and vks falling into the £1.50 price range too! most of the drinks are £2 or less! we couldn't of not move it there if i'm honest!

we've had to move DARK PARTY to a FRIDAY now, this isn't ideal for us, as we have sooo much respect, for krister n craig over at L'EDGEnds, but it did truly come down to this, or nothing else... we'll be once a month as usual

so raise a glass, a shot, or a bottle, and come party with us, at our house warming, on Friday 26th November!


Sunday, 31 October 2010

French Horn Rebellion

ok so its not new new's but its a pretty rad track thats free, and you need it in your life for sure! check out more French Horn Rebellion, keeping it basement dance party since 05

Saturday, 30 October 2010


PLUGS Transmission #1 from PLUGS on Vimeo.

was always a fan of PLUGS ever since i heard and started playing out "she's Unique" the Bside to the single out on Filthy Dukes label, Kill Em All back in May 09. now getting into a new groove, their sound is far more minimal and alot more electronic... and i'm still a big fan

Friday, 29 October 2010

Crystal Fighters - Swallow

Swallow by Crystal Fighters from Tobias Stretch on Vimeo.

real intense, bright n beautiful video for the new Crystal Fighters single "swallow"

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Aloe Blacc/ A Take Away Show pt1 & pt2

so, boaboa told me about Aloe Blacc, and how amazing he was... i did a little search only to find, A Take Away Show by him! i was originally put onto ATAS via Mar Belle from Directors Note's, he told me how good ATAS was, i checked a few out and they blew my mind. its kinda like an interview, kinda just a live track, but always in public or not normal live performance situations. if i'm honest i totally dropped off the boil... so glad i picked it back up

Aloe Blacc | I Need A Dollar | A Take Away Show - Part 1 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Aloe Blacc | A Take Away Show - Part 2 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

ATP Animal Collective

ATP have just announced Animal Collective will be programming in March, this means i'm probably gonna have to go...

so far the line up is

MEAT PUPPETS performing Up On The Sun
THE FROGS performing It's Only Right & Natural

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


!!! - Jamie My Intentions Are Bass from Warp Records on Vimeo.

massive !!! fan, and was excited by what i heard from the new album, and this is defo one of the stand out tracks! pretty fun video too

Monday, 25 October 2010

Made To Play


Essential listening for anyone that is a fan of House Music.

BoaBoa x

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Foals - Blue Blood

Foals - Blue Blood from Blink on Vimeo.

the lastest Foals album has given us some great video's and this one, is just as good!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Zephyrs

The Zephyrs - Creative Faith (Canon 5D MkII, Zeiss ZF Primes) from Ben Lankester on Vimeo.

only just seen the video of The Zephyrs single "Creative Faith", beautifully shot, and there's something real haunting about the guitar riff in the chorus. big fan

Friday, 22 October 2010


Twin Shadow - Castles In The Snow Directed by Jamie Harley from Twin Shadow on Vimeo.

Twin Shadow's debt album is up there fighting with Future Islands for my number 1 slot of the year... amazingly lo fi, and takes the current "cool pop" sound to another level, truly a great album

go on to his website to get a FREE copy of the song "Slow"

also he's playing these shows in the UK don't miss out

Oct 26 - Whitheat w/happybirthday & beach fossils
Oct 27 - Free instoreat Rough Trade East, London
Oct 28 - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Teengirl Fantasy

teengirl fantasy are on a bit of a UK stint, i'd recommend you check them out, they're pretty amazing. think 90s euphoric house, actually just think house, with a bit of DIY minimal shoegaze noise

here's the song from the video above, "cheaters" enjoy

22 Oct - w/ Human Life - Be @ Proud Galleries Camden, London
23 Oct - w/Chrome Hoof - Fleece and Firkin, Bristol
24 Oct- w/ Ghost Hunter - The Bowery, Sheffield
26 Oct - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
27 Oct - w/ Seams - Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
28 Oct - w/ Twin Shadow, Kittens - Hoxton Bar & Grill, London
29 Oct - w/ Oni Ayhun, Oneohtrix Point Never, Veronica Vasicka - BleeD @ XOYO, London
30 Oct - The Bunker, London

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


GAUNTLET HAIR // I was thinking... from caitlin mcnichols on Vimeo.

i really like this simple video for the future single "i was thinking..." from Gauntlet Hair, for only 2 guys they've got such a big sound. working on an album which we'll hopefully get to hear in the new year, keep an eye out

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Twin Sister

Twin Sister are a beautifully quirky 5 piece band from Long Island. i've had the "Vampires with Dreaming Kids" EP for a while but never really given it a chance. i'm an idiot, its got a great DIY summer vibe to it that just makes me smile from start to finish. with a the single "All Around and Away We Go" scheduled on Domino, on the 22nd Nov, i can see great things for these guys

Monday, 18 October 2010

Our mate TEED

being luck enough to have put on Totally Enormous Existent Dinosaur was one of my personal highlights, and to see him getting bigger and bigger is awesome! he's just done this mix on "Constellations" by Darwin Deez, have a listen, i think you'll agree, its pretty amazing! TEED has just confirmed that he's touring with Darwin next year too

Darwin Deez - Constellations (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix) by T-E-E-D

The best of both worlds...

Dubstep. The word that sends a shudder down most peoples spines. The thought of a "lads on tour" crew chanting the synth bridge to "Jahova" by Rusko. Everyone listening to Burial and saying "It's just garage". "Future garage". Arguements about who created it. Ever changing trends. A number 5 pop album. The list is endless, and boring.

Producers that reach out a little bit and produce something "different" are the only type that seem to get recognition these days. But is stripping back the hefty subs, dropping the tempo and making a Deep House track really that fresh? Is making a UK Funky track that original? I dont know if im honest. I like the more housey stuff Ramadanman and the like are producing. I like it alot, but... I don't know. There is a but in there somewhere but I don't know where the next trend arguement is coming from. Give it 6 months and there will be a new sub-genre to put this under for everyone to deconstuct and ultimately hate.

Anyway, rant over. Debstep/ techno/ future house artist James Blake has covered a Feist song. "The Reminder" is up there in my 10 favourite albums, and I think this cover is fantastic. All his other stuff is cool too, and giving back some credibility to the awesome, and legendary techno label, R&S Records (have a peek at their vast back catalogue here).

Super rant,

BoaBoa x


i'm still not 100% sure on if i like this band or not, but the attention around them at the moment is insane, make up your own mind


Sunday, 17 October 2010


hailing from san francisco, Tamaryn seem to just do that warm shoegaze sound so much better than anyone else at the moment. the album "The Waves" on Mexican Summer, the same label that brought you, Best Coast, Washed Out and Real Estate. has this dreamy haze feel all the way through it. at first i thought this record would be cold, as the title track suggested on first listen, but by the time you hit "Love Fade" you really know what you're getting your self into. they have a few dates in the UK coming up, go see them!

30 Nov - Hoxton Bar and Grill, London
1 Dec - Leeds Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
2 Dec - the Arches, Glasgow
3 Dec - Kraak 2 Gallery, Manchester,

Saturday, 16 October 2010

John Legend and The Roots

John Legend and The Roots - Wake Up Everybody from DStv Online on Vimeo.

i'm not gonna lie, i was pretty excited when i found out that these guys were doing a record together. its what i'd guess you'd expect from them both. a modern day soul classic, enjoy the video

the album is out on Monday

Friday, 15 October 2010


Suckers are about to hit europe with yeasayer, if you're a fan of the new yeasayer sound you'll be in for a treat! its pretty rare nowadays to get a decent tour support that actually fits with the headliner. Check out the video to the single "Black Sheep" above, catchy as!

18 Oct - Olympia, Dublin
19 Oct - Millenium Center, Cardiff
20 Oct - Academy 2/1, Manchester
21 Oct - Roundhouse, London
22 Oct - Trent University, Nottingham
23 Oct - O2 Academy, Newcastle
24 Oct - ABC, Glasgow

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Romeo Void


Wednesday, 13 October 2010


when i first heard this i didn't believe it! first ikea come out with an all cat add (massive cat fan)! then they come out with a MAN LIKE ME add (massive man like me fan)! its great to see the MLM guys getting some MAJOR expo, its a great song and a great video! the add's on the top, the full video is at the bottom... not bad for a band that played in Lu'un

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Light Asylum- Shallow tears from Conjunction Film on Vimeo.

this was put on my plate by our dear friends over at MILK, never heard anything by LIGHT ASYLUM until now, and this is amazing! not only a great song, but a beaut of a video too! defo check out if you're into Azari & III

Monday, 11 October 2010

so the new Kelis single has been remixed by AL-P, you know its gonna be massive

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Warpaint - Undertow

been playing this out for a while now really love this single, the video's great too! Warpaint are defo ones to check out if you haven't already, here are their tour dates of the UK

21 Oct CRAWDADDY - Dublin
22 Oct STEREO - Glasgow
23 Oct THE KAZIMIER - Liverpool
24 Oct THE DEAF INSTITUTE - Manchester
27 Oct THE COOLER - Bristol
28 Oct SCALA - London
29 Oct DIGITAL - Brighton

Saturday, 9 October 2010

AVH & Steve Aoki

this is just too aggressive! can't wait to hear this out and about! job well done by AVH and Steve Aoki

Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday 29th October

On Friday 29th October 2010 @ East Village
Metamimetic and GottaDanceDirty proudly present: The Halloween Party. Featuring:

- ELECTRIC RESCUE (Boys Noize Records Trax / Cocoon / Sci+Tec)
- MAYA JANE COLES (Real Tone / Dogmatik)
- Fazhands b2b BoaBoa (Metamimetic vs Dark Party)
- ZX (Metamimetic)
- SweetFA (GottaDanceDirty)

Hosted by Sinna G + Charo

10pm - 3.30am
£7 before midnight / £9 after
EAST VILLAGE, 89 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HX

We are proud to present the first ever GottaDanceDirty event held in Europe. Not only have we curated a lineup which includes very special friends, but also some of the freshest talent the electronic music scene has to offer.
After all, it’s Halloween - So we're blooding new music!

ELECTRIC RESCUE (Boys Noize Records Trax / Cocoon / Sci+Tec)

This month, Electric Rescue became the first signing and release on Boys Noize's new label Trax. Having already racked up a score of releases under labels such as the legendary Cocoon, Play and Skryptom, he is set to drop his new EP next month on Dubfire's Sci+Tec label. With dates that head deep into 2011, including an extensive tour of Japan and Australia, it gives us great pleasure to bring Electric Rescue to London for this special occasion. Expect nothing but big room Techno from this French wizard on his first UK date of 2010!

MAYA JANE COLES (Real Tone / Dogmatik)

Playing parties from Berlin to Japan to Sonar festival in Barcelona, Bestival and Matter, 22 year old Maya Jane Coles continues to make waves with her unique and fresh style of House music, earning a great deal of respect from the likes of Anja Schneider, Steve Bug & Laurent Garnier to name a few. Currently sitting comfortably at #2 in the Beatport Deep House Charts for her track 'What They Say', the multi-talented producer, has no limitations, also known as one half of the massively popular dub/electronica duo, She Is Danger.

FAZHANDS (Metamimetic)

2010 has proven a busy year for the 21 year old DJ and producer Fazhands, who co-founded Metamimetic Records alongside SweetFA. This year Fazhands has played shows from London to Los Angeles, booking slots alongside the likes of Tiefschwarz, Louis La Roche and Pendulum, all the while finding time to put together two EPs and curate a record label. This London-based tech-house junkie has earned respect and play from the likes of Kissy Sell Out and Tommie Sunshine, as well as recently featuring in IDJ Magazine as their Young Producer of the Month in May. Playing a very special back to back set with longtime friend BoaBoa, this one's not to be missed!

BOABOA (Dark Party)

Fresh from smashing last month's Metamimetic party at Old Blue Last, BoaBoa is back with a vengeance. This jackin house don specializes in destroying crowds with his plethora of house music. A key figurehead of the Dark Party blog, Boa is known to travel far and wide playing alongside the likes of Jack Beats, Hot Chip, Lady Chann, Louis La Roche and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, in shows up and down the British Isles. As well as being one of the humblest DJs on the London scene, he's undoubtedly one of the most talented and charismatic performers you will ever encounter. Catch him back to back with Metamimetic's Fazhands. OH GOSH!!

ZX (Metamimetic)

Defining and pioneering their self proclaimed “Maximal House” sound, Jamie Graham and James Trayford’s intricate sample driven synth-house, is executed with the utmost precision. At only twenty years of age, ZX have headlined shows at East London’s Old Blue Last, and the legendary Leeds Cockpit. Following critically acclaimed gigs in support of Fenech Soler and Autokratz, ZX are ready to lay siege to the East Village.

SweetFA (GottaDanceDirty)

Playing his first London gig after one hell of a year spent DJing in Los Angeles, Londoner Freddie Allen is no stranger to going hard. Not only a DJ/Producer and Label boss, SweetFA somehow finds time to write for two of the electronic music community's most esteemed blogs, Mishka and GottaDanceDirty. Representing both GDD and Metamimetic, SweetFA is used to regularly smashing up shows at Hollywood's Avalon nightclub alongside some of the industry's biggest names: from Major Lazer and Riva Starr, to Armand Van Helden, M.A.N.D.Y. and Wolfgang Gartner. Kicking off the night with a slice of LA Love, there'll be no tricks, just treats!

Get involved with the event HERE. I've got a feeling this one is going to be BIG!

BoaBoa x

Thursday, 7 October 2010


as long term fans, putting on cocknbullkid in a disused hairdressers quiet along time ago, its awesome to she her get the recognition she deserves. on 8th november "One Eye Closed" is released on moshi moshi/island records, and you have to buy it! Anita's voice is amazing on this record! i can't believe i never noticed it before now?! but its massive! can't wait for it to drop

enjoy (its only a snippit, and a little way down the page)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


As many may have noticed, i've been rinsing a bunch of Boys Noize remixes recently, the guy's got mad skills.

This, an original, is my favourite track right now.


Two household names in NERD and Daft Punk have teamed up to create this heavy groove.

It's oozing Prince.

I love it.

My new favourite song...

The original "Lower State Of Consciousness" vinyl I used to play 4 years ago. Dancing to "The Worm" at 6am in a Subway, after a 6 hour back to back set in Bournemouth. And now this, arguably their best release to date. Grinding, horrible noises with some extra fun added. Brilliant.

BoaBoa x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Count & Sinden ft Bashy

we're big fan's of both The Count & Sinden AND Bashy, this Lone Remix is a great version of what is scheduled to be the next single from TC&S forthcoming album MEGA MEGA MEGA release on Domino on the 1st Nov, CAN NOT WAIT!

The Count & Sinden feat. Bashy - Addicted to You (Lone Remix) by DominoRecordCo

Monday, 4 October 2010

British Sea Power

one of my all time fave bands have returned in FORM listen to the new single "Zeus" on this player thing

Sunday, 3 October 2010

That guys back

so there's this guy, called Macks Faulkron, he keeps sending us tracks... not that we're complaining as they're all pretty fucking awesome, like future pop but messy

here's another cover from him, Niche Sports, originally by Wet Paint, one of London's finest on off will they won't they bands (pretty sure they're on at the moment)


Saturday, 2 October 2010


i know i'm like a week late on this, but who cares?! Glasser makes these beautiful rhythmic haunting melodies that you can't help but just feel warm too! the album "Ring" is a must own

and if you can try and catch her on Sunday 10th at Rough Trade or on Monday 11th at The Macbeth

check it out, you won't be disappointed

Friday, 1 October 2010

Future Islands : LIVE

so i went to see Future Islands at New Hero, in Brighton last night. the band that has given me my fav album of the year, i was a bit worried they might not deliver, i'd been assured they would though. the place was busy, its small, its sweaty, it was magical. every song they played made my hairs stand on end, i hadn't felt like that at a gig for along time (well Blonde Redhead the day before), esp at such a small scale of show. this band has something special, i just hope you got to see them

they also introduced me to a drinking game called "Icing"...was a messy night.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Blonde Redhead : LIVE

*let me start by saying i love Blonde Redhead, this little piece will be incredibly one sided*
last night, it was pissing down with rain, so much so i even suggested not going, luckily, i didn't follow that through. i hadn't seen BR for maybe 2 or 3 years, it was at KOKO, the show was airy and like a lucid dream, was great, so i was expecting good things. missed the first on, i hate doing that! it was at Shepherds Bush Empire, and it wasn't as horribly busy as the other times id been there, i had room to enjoy. and that i did! everything from stage set up to sound was spot on. constant smoke on stage, photography lighting, umbrella's and such, looked great. i didn't realise until seeing the new stuff live how bass heavy it all is, every song you felt through your body. alot of "fans" aren't fond of the new sound / direction the band are going in, to be honest, it is different, alot different from the origins they came from but i still believe you can hear BR in everyone of their songs new or old.
i'd defo recommend on seeing them live, and buying the new album, "Penny Sparkle", listen to it in full, from start to finish

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

So it's been a while...

But I can't ignore the fact that Luton still means this much more to me than anything else on the planet. Fair enough I've been doing my own thing in Bournemouth and the South West, but it gives me no excuse for not blogging along with the Dark Party lot. I apologise.

But hey, now I'm little bit more aware of things around me, and what good music should actually sound like, I think it will benefit, at least one person, hopefully? How about a chart and nod towards DFA's latest long player, Shit Robot's "From the Cradle to the Rave". A great synth-pop piece of work featuring contributions from Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) and House of House. Definitely check it out.

Oh and here's that chart I was talking about...

Once again, sorry.