Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Husky Rescue

looking for new music the other day and came across these guy Husky Rescue. Just released their new EP "Sound Of Love", the single is the only thing i've been able to listen to for the last few days, amazing! down tempo electronica meets folk, great sound really smooth and warm, defo ones to watch, their album is out 1st February

you can download a track for free from their site here



Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Memory Tapes

a friend(as always) put Memory Tapes right under my noise about 6/7months ago when he was called Memory Cassettes, again as always, i ignored this, listened to it, played it out a few times, didn't move anyone or me. then pick up on all the fuss with this album "Seek Magic" on Something In Construction, a mates label. listened to it, and instantly feel in love! and this is my fave tune from the album, which I'll be playing out religiously from now until the end of the year. has a noise/electronic/cure feel to it, just great


Monday, 25 January 2010

Favourite things...

Some of my favourite things at the moment...

Fanstatic example of when a music video succeeds.

Black Jeans.

This Video.

And these tunes...

January 2010 top 5
Lazy Flow - Afrô Manïok
Donae'o - Riot Music
Green Velvet, Kid Sister - Everybody Wants
Lorcan Mak - Hooo!
Riva Starr - Dance Me feat. Trim (Payme Remix)

Also, im just about to complete a whole month (more or less anyway) without booze, and i feel quite proud of myself. Totally irrelevant but whatever.

BoaBoa x

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Right what i thought id do is make a little feature on bands that ive loved and lost.
First up Alterkicks were a five piece from Liverpool this band made some absolutely beautiful tunes and are probably my most missed band to date it seemed such a shame that after 1 album they decided to call it a day. Id advise anyone to get this album its called "Do Everything I Taught You".

This track was one of the more serious darker ones on the album.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Is Tropical

so a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Is Tropical the other week, as they're on tour with Egyptian HipHop, saying i should check them out. i then listen and then remember, our boy SMITH told me about them AGES ago. i remembered at the time enjoying the lofi down tempo, but still uptempo sound they have. with the new single "When O' When" just coming out, i stopped by again and had a listen, this single is great, real slow build, and then turns into this infectious beast of a track, with elements of xx teens and late of the pier, but almost having the pop craft of the Mystery Jets

and they're mates with our mates, Man Like Me, so they're cool regardless


Friday, 15 January 2010

Two things...

What a tune, cheered me up after getting emotional about Coopers...

BoaBoa x

The next "big thing" Vs The old "has been"...

This post will probably have a subtle hint of bias, but whatever, it is fact...

On Monday, i brought the Delipic debut "Acolyte". I like Delphic, I've seen them a few times, they are good, very good infact. Being a life long freak fan of The Cooper Temple Clause, i think my interest Delphic was stemmed from my bizarre love affair with the best band of all time, TCTC. Atmospheric, melodic, heavy in parts, electronic rock.

"Make This Your Own" was TCTC's last album, which ultimately led to their demise. A record that instantly got written off, probably because Didz Hammond left the band, and joined The Libertines which led them to have a bit of a hiatus so they can juggle their line-ep. Anyway, enough of the history/ my own personal sob story.

"Make This Your Own" and "Acolyte" are very similar, almost identical. Poppy electronic rock, simple. Since when has this become the next big thing? Admittedly, the Delphic album is (a bit) better, but the three strongest tracks are the already released singles, which can only suggest they were heard, liked, and then chucked together with lots of filler (a nine minute instrumental [big tune though] for example).

I guess my thoughts are that a band such as TCTC were considered dated, and even though they watered down their sound to produce a good pop record, they still got cained by the press. Now Delphic are on the scene. New and fresh BUT making identical music and getting praise? Is there any room left in the market for "old" bands. Time could tell, as Interpol and The Strokes (to be honest, anything they produce the NME will suck off anyway) are releasing new albums this year, along with loads of other bands.

Meh, whatever. R.I.P Coopers...

BoaBoa x

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Zombies For Money

These portugeezers are offering their December Mix Tape for free its a must download packed full of great tunes.

Head Over here to get the mix tape plus a 3 track e.p.

i remembered my password!

So i thought id just put up a few things

First up Jakwob one of the most exciting producers about at the minute been on peoples radars for a while now but he just keeps getting better. He's just updated he's pages with plenty of new tracks and remixes so go check them out.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


smith tropical is hosting a night at the Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern st, Shoreditch on Saturday 23rd January, expect UK funky, garage, dubstep, dancehall, rap, bmore...even slow jams!

guest DJs include






get on this, NOW



i dont normally do post for flyer(well i do), but this is the new one, and i think its amazing! i honestly cant stop looking at it...

the kid that did it is called Tom Mountford, brother has skills! did the last flyer too, check his blog, drives me crazy -


Monday, 11 January 2010

New Mix!

January 2010 Mix by boaboa

Add me onto your soundcloud list or whatever you do with this thing...

1. Julio Bashmore - Um Bongo's Revenge [dirtybird]
2. Mike Monday - Grace (Jusin Martin Remix) [dirtybird]
3. Worthy - Eight Yay Eight [Anabatic Records]
4. Tom Demac - Find Another [murmur]
5. DJ T. - Try To Understand (&ME remix) [Kindisch]
6. Jesse Rose - Heavy Still (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) [Dubsided]
7. EssenVee - Elephant Bass (Oliver $ Deep Remix) [Piees Of Eight Records]
8. Kenquo - J's Cookie (Outta Cookies Dub) [Sneakerz MUZIK]
9. Lemon Popsicle - Lemon Delite [Yellow Tail]
10. Ramon Tapia - Sunka Sanka [Great Stuff Recordings]
11. Loko - In Love [Buzzin' Fly Records]
12. Prunk, Norman Soares - Cirque De Soleil (DJ Madskillz Remix) [Masal (Azucar)]
13. Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You [Positiva]

BoaBoa x

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Teenagersintokyo are a band i've been listening to and playing out for ages! after hearing "VERY VAMPYR" how could you not fall in love?! they're a dark indie pop 5 piece from Australia, with a flock of seagulls esk rhythm section, they come back with the single "Peter Pan", great edgy track you instantly wanna dance too. the new single includes a Horrors Remix, which is pretty sharp and spacey too

can not wait for these guys to come over in feb! defo check them out!