Wednesday, 28 July 2010


this is happening next week! Wednesday 4th August, CAN NOT WAIT

here's the event


so this isnt our first time, and i'm sure it wont be our last
if you wanna come along, its guest list or membership only
if you want on the guest list, the go to the link on the flyer

see you there


i'll be at The Old Blue Last, with brighton's finest TIDAL RAVE, from 8pm on friday too

Sunday, 18 July 2010


As with my previous post, this track seemed to be getting people pumped at last nights Dark Party.

From the creator of last years club smasher 'RIVERSIDE' comes one of this summer's musts. It's been sitting in my CD wallet for a couple of months but I haven't been brave enough to take it out. Dark Party was going off in such a way last night, that I had no choice but to give it a spin. I'm very glad I did.


Quite a few people were asking me what this tune was last night... so I thought i'd share it with you. First heard it a little while back. Textbook N.E.R.D. with an extra injection of party courtesy of Boys Noize.

It's Huge.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Count & Sinden ft Mystery Jets

as if anyone could see this coming? The Count & Sinden teaming up with Mystery Jets. "After Dark" is set to be a massive dance floor anthem, boaboa, pointed me in the direction of this, great stuff, and thanks to annie mac playing it out the other day, everyone can listen to it below


Friday, 16 July 2010

We Have Band

We Have Band - Oh! (Official Music Video) from We Have Band on Vimeo.

catchy as new single from We Have Band. was a massive fan of the first single "You Came Out", i'm really enjoying this, and shall be playing over the weekend ;)


Over and over and over and over.

I'm sure one of the Dark Party family members has mentioned this track before maybe even me. But it needs mention again, i just cannot get enough of it. It just reminds me of every garage anthem ever and is a massive track on it's own. i love it. The rest of Ruskos album was a massive surprise as well alot of the his signature wobble but there is also alot of other stuff, be sure to check it out (for me this is the best track on there).

Rusko - Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


I always been a fan of Jammer, but recently the dude is killing it. Go buy his new album avalible now, its called 'Jumanji' and it is blessed.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Boys Noize Summer Mix) [FULL HQ]

Amazing remix of an already great track, its a proper summer tune which i feel wrong playing on this overcast Wednesday afternoon. This should be appreciated outside on a scorching hot Saturday.


Glasser - Tremel (Jamie xx Remix)

Its like the XX and its members can do no wrong at the moment. Another quality remix probably topping the Florence remix in my opinion.


Katy B - Katy On A Mission

If it wasn't over already i'd say this was my summer tune. Massive production from Benga with great vocals from Katy B.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tokyo Police Club

soooo happy Tokyo Police Club are back! they're just one of those bands, that will make you wanna dance and feel happy. regardless if it isnt a great subject. really like the new single, has everything you'd expect from these guys

TOKYO POLICE CLUB "Boots of Danger (wait up)" directed by Mike Juneau from Vision Entertainment on Vimeo.

fun video too

Monday, 12 July 2010

Foster The People

i was tipped off about Foster The People via Fixin' The Chart, and i havent been able to listen to anything but this, you can download the song "Pump Up Kicks" from the website(link above)


Katy Perry - California Gurls (Mstrkrft Remix)

This song can now actually be listened to, thanks MSTRKRFT! even though it is a pretty lazy remix, like he has a button that makes it sound like his

but still no hating, its great

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Stromae is fucking massive in Europe, was in Berlin just the other day, and he had 2 singles in their top ten MTV playlist. great lazy style and flow. i think the thing that takes this to the next level, and why its so big, is just the melody and music transcends language which makes it accessible to everyone

check out "Alors On Danse"

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Last Night...

so last night at the Penthouse, thats above The Freebutt, in Brighton, a night called SHY GUY happened, it was too much fun

i dont know why boaboa hadnt post this when he first started playing this over a month ago, as now its EVERYWHERE, but i still reckon he is one of the pioneers of this track, and a true clarks solider

great sunshine music

Katie Stelmanis // Private Life

Katie Stelmanis or Private Life, depending on what day of the week it is, have this great haunting charm about them. with her reverbed and echoed vocals and layered sounds, its quiet easy to get lost. the full length album comes out in the fall of this year, really looking forward to it

check out "Believe Me"

Friday, 9 July 2010

Forest & The Trees

Forest & The Trees hail from Stockholm, this 2 piece have so much going on in their sound, all very warm and swishy. when i heard the first single "To the Forest (I Need Some Peace) i instantly fell in love, great building and well paced single, this is the video below

The Forest & The Trees: "To The Forest (I Need Some Peace)" from ILL FIT RECORDINGS & PROMOTION on Vimeo.


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Factory Floor

i heard about Factory Floor about a year ago, and they were one of those bands i just forgot about... more fool me i guess. about to play their 3rd OffSet festival, they are ovs a band that you need to take note of. having just recently released the single "Lying" made me release what i was missing out on. with there dark entrancing rhythms its hard not to wanna move, or shake at least


Wednesday, 7 July 2010


here are the flyers that were lovingly made the other evening at DARK PARTY

these are the top 3 flyers as selected by our crack team of colouring in experts at the DP towers. the one with the most votes in the comments section below will win £50 worth of drinks vouchers at the next DARK PARTY on 17th July! that works out as 25 drinks....messy! all 3 flyer designers will receive free entry on the 17th as well, GET VOTING!




and these 2 flyers have been given creative merit so will receive free entry to the next DARK PARTY on the 17th July

just write the number of the flyer you want to win in the comments section


Please aren't really a new band, in fact i remember putting them on around 2007, none the less, they are amazing and more people need to hear them. always reminded me of Franz Ferdinand on crack...

check out "Sutton Hoodoo"

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Friendo were a random itunes fine a few months back. really standing out with their minimal garage band sound, just fell in love with the song "Oversees". has an almost shoegaze quality to it


Monday, 5 July 2010

Local Natives Secret Gig...

So i saw Local Natives in Hoxton Square this evening. It was amazing.

BoaBoa x

Young Rival Chatroulette

love these guys, and this video is amazing, check em out YOUNG RIVAL

Friendly Fires

everyone knows who Friendly Fires are, this is just a heads up that they're releasing a Bugged Out mix in september, feature our faves Azari & III

here's a link of their Eggs Benedict mix, its a little old, but still pretty good


F O E were passed on to me, as a "one to watch", i'm really into the dreamyish dance beated sound and with it being pretty dark too, everyones a winner

check out "Tyran Song"

Thursday, 1 July 2010

More Summer

I think this is going to be included in my new mix, its definitely big enough for the dancefloor.

BoaBoa x