This is DARK PARTY's Guide to Luton, our first love and our home.

Here are the elements, the things you'll need to know about Luton to really understand Luton


The key thing about Luton is Chicken, Fried Chicken. And everyone knows that Luton does the best Fried Chicken, anyone says otherwise has never eaten in one of these legendary establishments;

First up we have the original and best, TASTIES. This place has the best chili sauce in town, its one of those secret family recipes. The chicken here is great too. If you eat in you're give the chili in a nice silver server... SERIOUS!

Then you have, a bit closer to home (EDGE), PIZZA CHICKEN TIME. This place is great, and so close, they do EVERYTHING and we mean EVERYTHING! They're pretty liberal and totally open minded too. If you can think it up, they can make it up! Just go in and try! If they have it, they'll stick it in a bun, on a pizza or in the frier. Top guys, great food, and more importantly, great Chicken. Try the SFC Wrap, its the one

Now onto the curve ball in the Luton Chicken game, The Lime. A Jerk Chicken haven that everyone said wouldn't last (mainly as its not Fried Chicken). But it has, and its great, its awesome actually! There's nothing better than hitting the town, and ending up in here, something a little different from the normal pleasures of the Fried Kingdom

Stay tuned, there's more to come...

All Chicken Shop photo's by Laura Woods