Friday, 30 April 2010

Screaming Tea Party

Screaming Tea Party, have been around for a while, they were the first band i'd ever actually put on. something about their songs, structure and sloppy noise that i'll always love. they're releasing a covers cassette on Sexbeat, with such classics as "Material Girl" and "I Believe I Can Fly". i'd say its a must, for any cassette fan, you can buy it HERE

check out my all time fave "Cracked up Dietrich"


Thursday, 29 April 2010

Travis Barker & A-Trak

Fresh Theophilus London mixtape....

Get it here.

Bare summer vibes on this one, and it's FREE! I blogged about Theophilus a while ago, but this new mix tape is something else. Ellie Goulding, Tweet and Marvin Gaye (yes, Marvin Gaye) bootlegs are poppin', but my personal favourite is "Flying Overseas", layering synths and guitar loops into a tropical cocktal of chilled-ness. Loaded on the iPod instantly, ready to brighten up the daily rat race.


BoaBoa x

New Interpol...

Well, this wont feature on the album, it a song they recorded in sessions, but its a winner. The guitar tone has so much depth its almost unbelievable. I wouldn't say it's a return to "Turn On The Bright Lights" though. This is the album im looking forward to the most this year, i hope it doesnt disappoint...


Tuesday, 27 April 2010


really don't care that i'm REALLY late on this one, Warpaint are great, keep listening to the album, just lo fi, spooky and droney. some parts remind me of electrelane

check out "Billie Holiday"


Sunday, 25 April 2010


Bear (the ghost)

Bear (The Ghost) are this catchy downtempo electronica beast hailing from cincinnati ohio. the low level duel vocals have some soothing but slightly unnerving edges to them, which gives it that haunting feel to their music. coming at you with these minimal and slow building creatures that turn into this beautifully paced and enchantingly rich songs.

Check Out "Midnight"


Saturday, 24 April 2010

The best things come in trio's...

"Lazer Crystal believes that we as humans are at the extreme promontory of the centuries. The human race has reached the moment where we must open the mysterious shutters of the impossible to seek the unknown. We are moving beyond Time and Space toward the absolute, since we have discovered eternal, omnipresent speed." says Lazer Crystal's manifesto.

I'll break it down for you, Lazer Crystal hail from chicago (suprise suprise) and produce moody as fuck 'post-Kraftwerk' dance music. And I like it. A lot.

Noteable tracks: Bad Indian, Love Rhombus


so there's this band right, they're called Pomegranates, they remind me nothing of the fruit. i found these guys a few months back after seeing a single on itunes. i bought it, and i forgot about it. i then at SXSW bumped into someone that worked with them, it reminded me that i'd heard this band before, but couldn't remember what they sounded like. got back in a stuck the album on, it was then i realised how could i of just over looked this band?!

check out "Everybody Come Outside"


Thursday, 22 April 2010

The XX

To be brutally honest i still need to be sold on them. Dont get me wrong i get the hype but for me i have not really been able to get the rest of it. Though I used to feel the same about Burial and i have finally now found a place for his tracks, any way this video directed by the same person that did the Cheryl Cole/Will I AM video is pretty tight. I quite like the track and i think i may finally be on the XX wagon.

Music Go Music - Light Of Love

i'm still in love with Music Go Music... i think its that mix of abstract pop and abba, i dunno, maybe i'm just wrong in the head


Diamond Kuts

I like Bmore i play it when i can but it is a acquired taste. From playing all over the place at different club nights and depending on the track Bmore can either sink or swim. Though the right kind of re-make can really help the mix along and get the night moving.

Here's something real nice (esp. since I yesterday rediscovered how good b-more mixes can be with DJ Ayres and Tittsworth's old classic "Ayres N Tittes" from 2006) a brand new mix featuring the best B-More/Philly-club-housed up tracks, new and old, but all and all, B-more fresh for 2010, just make sure you skip by the Intro:

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Julian Lynch


this is Julian Lynch, not everyones cup of tea, but real dark and lo fi, i'm into it in a big way. on small but great label Olde English Spelling Bee, i don't really know what else to say other than, i really like this video, its proper trippy and works well with the song


Tuesday, 20 April 2010


these boys are party, as much party as two boys can be. Harlem, are a 2 piece from austin, with a very "in" sound at the moment, but they just seem to do it better than alot out there. its that hole DIY surf noise pop sound, you know the one, course you do! Harlem are releasing their album "Hippies" on Matador later this April, its great

check out "Friendly Ghosts"


Monday, 19 April 2010


This girl's tracks have been pumping out of my speakers all day today. She goes by the alias SPEAKS. Seems like she's had a bit of a re-launch as of late. Harsh South London vocals sat upon slammin' beats and heavy synth work. All 3 tracks currently available on her myspace will make you want to slay dancefloors left, right and centre. Get on it whilst it's hot.

R.I.P Devon Clifford from You Say Party, We Say Die!

one of my fave bands growing up has had a tragic lose, Devon Clifford, the drummer in You say Party, We Say Die! pasted away sunday morning after collapsing on stage on friday night whilst playing a gig

the band had a new album just out, real shame as they're were planning to coming over in the next few months. i was lucky enough to catch them twice, once at Reading, and once at Ghetto, both times amazing


Darwin Deez

i'm a little late on Darwin Deez, but fuck me this guy is great! its like what old julian cas wanted to sound like. great lo fi pop riffs, and clever lyrics, you just wanna to dance. a defo contender for album of the summer already!

check out "Constellations"


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Watch Bubbz at SXSW here.

Bubbz Myspace

Fresh back from SXSW, Bubbz describes himself as a ‘’hybrid kinda of guy, only striving for the best’’. Bubbz is currently on course, for his first album titled 'Marks on the Wall'. Production credits include Manchester Duo Heavyfeet (Passenger), New York’s AC Slater (Trouble and Bass), UK’s Alex Sushon AKA Bok Bok (Night slugs/Discobelle/Trash Menagerie) and DJ Deekline (Rat Records), as well as Lee ‘Supertap’ Cole and of course the man himself – Bubbz (with features from Afrikan Boy and Blondtron).

Bubbz will be live at the next free ting so come check him out.


He does Hip-hip, i really like his style and his tracks and he is playing Free Ting this month. So come check him out.
Download his new Ep for free here


Finally got round to listening to his new album and well it's good, really good. Fresh production some interesting collaborations etc. My favorite song of the album is also the new single -'That Tree'. It features Kid Cudi and has summer anthem written all over it. The video is pretty nice too.

The Old Blue Last

so we djed there the other month with FREE TING going on upstairs, it went well! so we've been asked back to The Old Blue Last, we're super happy about this, we're now holding the residency downstairs on the last friday of every month. look to the right for the next one

thanks for the support!

Friday, 16 April 2010

'Parlez-Vous Francais?' - Art vs Science

Great Band really good track with a belter of a video can see big things for them in the future.

Check em out at

Madonna - Frozen

Gotta be my favorite Madge track great video to.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


the annoyingly great band DEAD KIDS split up the other day, gutted. on the plus you can download their album for FREE HERE. we took the name DARK PARTY from the Bside to the original single "Fear & Fluoride". personally i prefer the Bside version of DARK PARTY, but who cares right, its free


Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Pseudo Nippon in Cosmic Evan from kevin gaffney on Vimeo.

so this is Pseudo Nippon, japans answer to, well, i have no idea! imagine if Gay Against You or Squarepusher grew up in Japan, watched Manga all day long and only ate lucky charms...

we're putting him on in Luton, as hes going away for a while, so he's doing a little tour of the UK, we've been lucky enough to get him

heres a FREE song from his new album, yet released, its awesome, i've heard it, this is "Jebubu and the Whale"


Tuesday, 13 April 2010


what a video...


loads of talk around Spectrals at the moment, with this 50s/60s psych/surf vibe going around in music at the moment, he really stands out above alot of the others esp in the UK. having supported Girls on their recent tour, playing to large crowds, i can see him push through. if you get a chance catch them at Camden Crawl, Live at Leeds, or with Real Estate on alot of their tour over May

check out "Leave Me Be" (you can get it on itunes)


Monday, 12 April 2010

Fizzy Drinks

Right then, its been all over the blogs for ages but this is a TUNE, but not alot of people have talked about the video...

My buddy Rohan (me and him above at FREE TING) and his mate Ollie, AKA Decoy created this amazing animation for Erols label Phantasy Sound, to accompany the tune. It feels synthetic and cool, yet robotic and aggressive, exactly how i felt when i first heard it live at Digital in Brighton for my birthday celebrations last month. I dont know if this is a good thing or not (?!) but the video itself oozes with quality and works with the tune fantastically.

I've got a feeling these guys are going to be animating and filming alot more for bands/ artists in the future. Lets hope so...

BoaBoa x

Archie Bronson Outfit

should of blogged this ages ago! Archie Bronson Outfit have been a fave in my heart since, "Kangaroo Heart", i love how they keep their own sound but have totally progressed from the beginning. its great. still with a warm and heavy distorted vibe through the new single "Shark's Tooth", you can download it free here


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Summer Vibes...

The sun has well and truly had his had on this week, and this little gem has been documenting it for me, coming out soon on the latest installment of the always awesome Kitsune compilation albums. The original isnt bad either. Enjoy...

BoaBoa x

my fave Madonna


Late Of The Pier

The new single from Late Of The Pier is alot more up beat, that the original sneak of the "new" sound we had when we got to hear "Blueberry". this for me is a nice return to some form of dance floor tune. its still no "bathroom gurgle" but i don't think its trying to be that at all. good spacey fun song


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Lethal Bizzle & Nick Bridges ft Luciana

dont really approve of Luciana, but what you gonna do
its still a party tune from The Bizzle

have a safe night out, where ever you are


ps - i hate youtube


i'm not gonna lie, i know nothing of bearcraft, i was sent a single a few weeks back called "The Werewolf", i liked it, but then i was sent this remix by The Voluntary Butler Scheme, and its amazing, can't stop listening to it! has a real lofi sound, real warm and understated.


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Past Adventures - DARK PARTY / Sat 27th Mar / Teenagersintokyo

Teenagersintokyo pop by and played at the last DARK PARTY, heres some photo's. we had a blast, and i'm guessing so did the other 500 people

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Das Racist

Das Racist are this hyped hiphop act out of New York. with this pure down tempo, aggressive but constructive rap. reminds me alot of the early DIY scenes of yester year. here's a free mixtape

but check out "Hate"

Class Actress

Not so nice, dark electronica with a smooth female vocal, this is Class Actress. heard her stuff a while back after just doing one of those myspace hunt days. real 80s synth undertones, but her voice is the most stand out of all. Awesome stuff!

check out "careful what you say"

Past Adventures - Button Down Disco at The Relentless Garage

we were lucky enough to get to share the bill with our friends at Button Down Disco yet again, as party of their easter party at The Relentless Garage

Past Adventures - The Old Blue Last

we djed at the old blue last the other week downstairs, when our little big brother sister djed upstairs, FREE TING

Sunday, 4 April 2010