Friday, 30 October 2009

Royal Bangs Return

so you may or may not know these guys, i did a little thing on them a while ago. i still also feel i have some kind of finders rights to this band. they're amazing, there is no other word for them. from hearing the first song to hearing the last song of their new album i knew this was gonna be another love story of an album

Royal Bangs return, they come back with their second album "Let It Beep" on AUDIO EAGLE (US) / CITY SLANG (EU). theres just something about this band/record thats fun but incredibly haunting i cant put my finger on it, but the track that sums up the album for me is "My Car Is Haunted", it has the same ability to cripple me and make me wanna move like an idiot at the same time

this band is stupidly underrated only being able to play 1 UK date on this tour, i pray they dont take that the wrong way...


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