Friday, 15 January 2010

The next "big thing" Vs The old "has been"...

This post will probably have a subtle hint of bias, but whatever, it is fact...

On Monday, i brought the Delipic debut "Acolyte". I like Delphic, I've seen them a few times, they are good, very good infact. Being a life long freak fan of The Cooper Temple Clause, i think my interest Delphic was stemmed from my bizarre love affair with the best band of all time, TCTC. Atmospheric, melodic, heavy in parts, electronic rock.

"Make This Your Own" was TCTC's last album, which ultimately led to their demise. A record that instantly got written off, probably because Didz Hammond left the band, and joined The Libertines which led them to have a bit of a hiatus so they can juggle their line-ep. Anyway, enough of the history/ my own personal sob story.

"Make This Your Own" and "Acolyte" are very similar, almost identical. Poppy electronic rock, simple. Since when has this become the next big thing? Admittedly, the Delphic album is (a bit) better, but the three strongest tracks are the already released singles, which can only suggest they were heard, liked, and then chucked together with lots of filler (a nine minute instrumental [big tune though] for example).

I guess my thoughts are that a band such as TCTC were considered dated, and even though they watered down their sound to produce a good pop record, they still got cained by the press. Now Delphic are on the scene. New and fresh BUT making identical music and getting praise? Is there any room left in the market for "old" bands. Time could tell, as Interpol and The Strokes (to be honest, anything they produce the NME will suck off anyway) are releasing new albums this year, along with loads of other bands.

Meh, whatever. R.I.P Coopers...

BoaBoa x

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