Wednesday, 3 March 2010

"Crowds" and other things...

So last night i went and saw Local Natives who were fantastic. Genuinely tight, the vocals were some of the best i've ever heard live and they really went for it. The lead singer/ guitairist bloke also had one of the most hypnotic and mesmerizing moustaches i have ever seen, but that is another blog post all together.

Anyway, the crowd were absolute shit. Motionless. Not even a foot tap or a head nod in sight. After getting told off for "pushing" my way to the front, i had a feeling it was going to be one of those nights. I dont expect them to be going off (above), but it was really akward to be in the room, i cant even imagine how the band felt? Totally sold out show, one of my favourite bands of last year and im feeling bad for singing and moving around more than having to adjust my fringe. What an embarrassment.

Rant over, now onto someone awesome, Mayer Hawthorne. This guy rules. I've posted loads of his stuff on here but i couldnt give a monkeys, his new video for "I Wish It Would Rain" is golden. Ginger John and his brother got a taste of the tune before Dark Party opened on Saturday and were caining me for it, but whatever, he smashes it:

The only criticism of his album "A Strange Araangement", is that this song isnt on it. But thats o.k because you can download it here:

Mayer Hawthorne - When I Said Goodbye (mediafire)

BoaBoa x

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