Wednesday, 23 November 2011


we were pretty pumped to announce that we were doing an all nighter, now that we've added our fave's I.R.O.K! This is gonna be the best DP yet! With the 4 way DJ battle as well, i honestly don't know of a word that i can use to sum this all up...


Coming out of the back of Dead Kids (if it wasn't for them DARK PARTY would of been called something shit like indiependent...) bringing their own style of synth afrobeat arabic style

4 way DJ battle

loads of people have asked me to explain this, its simple;

4 DJs
1 Deck / Channel each
1 Song each at a time, so DJ 1 plays a song, then DJ 2, then DJ 3, and so on and back

like that x4

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