Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bang Bang Eche

this bunch of crazy nippers(not as young as they look, honest!) come from NZ, the place of well...not much but lovely lamb and lord of the rings...well they did inform me that the local beer/ale/cider scene is pretty big in christchurch

after hearing about these guys due to playing with the likes of enter shikari, i wasn't to sure on what their sound would be, but if I'm honest, i wasn't really expecting much. luckily my ignorance was proven wrong, these guys are great, playing to round 50 people and loving every second. its nice to see when bands vibe off crowds and these lot are mainly fueled by the crowd. while over in the US doing showcases they explained that its so hard to "perform" with a bunch of people with arms folded and only nodding their heads.

bringing a sound and energy thats been missing since test icicles, these guys are loud, fun, electronic, party and much more! i expect alot from these, and you'll defo hear more from them soon, check them out


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