Saturday, 26 December 2009

gingerjohn's Top 10's of 09

so another year nearly done, great christmas and such now behind
a preetty sharp year too, but as is always said, next year will be better!
and for DARK PARTY it will be, expect more guests, DARK PARTY Radio, DARK PARTY TV, more give aways, etc
really looking forward to where this beast takes us

thanks again ever so for the support, and your time spent reading, come out, listening to all the stupid stuff we do

so heres my top 10 singles, and top 10 albums of 2009

Top 10 singles

Metric – gimme sympathy

This band never gets old, theres just something about her voice that carries it off

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor
Wasn’t really into this the first time I heard it, must say it’s a grower, and a MASSIVE tune, that’s pretty much changing music right now

MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker
There was blog hype on this track about a million years ago, but it was officially released this year, and I love it, it’s a beaut

Local Natives – Camera Talk
Been on these for ages, see previous blog, the song just makes me wanna harmonies all the chorus bits

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work
This years cheer up tune, you can’t help but smile and dance to this

Telekinesis – Coast of Carolina
First thing I ever heard of theirs, and I fell in love, don’t know why, just did. Nice american esk, real warm sound

A Place To Bury Strangers – in your heart
Liked the first album, nearly cried when I heard the second, talk about stamping and closing the genre shut tight, fuck the horrors this is the shit!

Man Like Me – London Town
All ways will be a fav band for me, just so much fun, and this song was what lead to them playing DARK PARTY

Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Truth
The most epic song of the year in my eyes and ears, such a builder, “learning how to stand alone”

Music Go Music – Just Me

Stupidly late entry but just got in, don’t know why I love this song, oh yer I do, its cos it’s like if abba and tilly and the wall had a love child! Imagine how happy the world would be….even though this song is about breaking up, at least they put a nice spin on it

Top 10 Albums

invisible - s/t
Obits - i blame you
Future of the Left Travels With Myself and Another
royal bangs - let it beep
local natives - gorilla manor
place to bury strangers - exploding head
British Sea Power - Man Of Aran
kong - snake magnet
Health - Get Colour
fuck buttons - tarot sport

hope you like


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