Monday, 8 August 2011

Field Day Highlights 2011

Well wasn't that all a load of fun! And with pretty decent weather, bar the little bit of rain, but the sun after was well worth it!


1. Creep, great band, did a cover of a Memory Tapes song
2. Ducktails, playing "Hello" by Martin Solveig & Dragonette, confusing the shit out of everyone, including me
3. CockNBullKid was amazing! What a stunning voice!
4. Ariel Pink, shame the tent was rammed
5. Electralane, i have this weird issue with watching bands i love, but they truly deliveried
6. Trophy Wife, defo ones to watch out, great fun live band
7. Spectrals, with the new album coming out in October on Witchita, they're so tight right now, sounds amazing live
8. Born Ruffians, everyone seriously lost their SHIT to these guys! I don't even think they expected it to go off like that!
9. Factory Floor, playing new material that sounds as great as ever!
10. Glasser, well just for making beautiful music to finish the festival on
11. The burrito that i had was amazing, and let that be a tip to you, you'll only need to eat once if you have a burrito


1. Beer and Cider, well all drinks being £4
2. Finding out the singer of Spector is the singer from Oxe. Eagle. Lion. Man
3. Missing L-Vis 1990, the tent was kicking off! And it sounded amazing!

So there you have my little run down on what was an ace day! If you have proof you had your Dark Party tote with you, and i didn't see you and buy you a beer, i owe you one, and will buy you a beer this Saturday, or any other kind of drink that you like

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